Build a Church Website That Gets Visitors to Your Church

A Church Website is No Good Unless it Brings in More Guests. Learn:

  • The Most Essential page on your website, that most Churches Don't Even Include
  • Detailed, Point by Point Walkthrough of What Content You Need
  • Save Hours of Work by Learning What to do from an Expert!

Pastor and Internet Marketer Rev. David Baker has more than a decade of experience creating Church Websites, and has trained hundreds of churches and pastors in how to do outreach using the web. In the past, Dave has used some of the principles he shares in this course (in part) to drive a 50% attendance increase at his most recent church, and has helped many other churches in similar ways.

In this series of videos, Pastor Dave will reveal the outreach secrets you didn't know were fundamental in getting guests to your church. If you've ever wondered why your church doesn't get many guests from its website, you'll know exactly what you need to do after this course!

Get Guidance from an Expert:

  • The #1 Detail Potential Guests Are Looking For
    on Your Site
  • Facebook Outreach Tactics
  • One Essential Component that Immediately
    Makes Your Site Look Great
  • How to get $10,000 a Month of Outreach
    Help – FREE
  • All the Confusing Tech Jargon you Need
    Explained (but not what you don't need)
  • Best Practices and Example Content from an Expert
  • How to Create Great Looking Graphics Using
    Free Tools

You're also going to learn how to avoid the most common pitfalls of creating a church website, and get step by step training on the most important yet most overlooked parts of building a church website.

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